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Hi, I'm Mark Overdijk. I'm a SharePoint consultant at Rapid Circle.

Mark Overdijk's Bio:

Mark Overdijk was born on sunday the 27th of July 1980. 

Mark Overdijk's Experience:

  • Project Manager at Inholland University

    Project Manager to inventory the workprocedures of all the Educational department and find the common ground to facilitate a workprocedure for a generic platform to provide students with the legal program information documents. This project is issued by the ISB (Information Strategy Board) at INHolland.

  • Microsoft SharePoint Administrator at Inholland University

    Responsibilities at Inholland; * Advisory tasks and implementing BiSL for the newly formed department Information Management * Setting up Departmental and specific (SharePoint support) BiSL processes * Creating non code solutions or building small solutions for direct usage (no install). * Advising all corporate levels concerning SharePoint usage, solutions and information/document management * Administrating several sites and/or coördinating the administration * Creating and managing test scripts/plans. * Providing training and overall support within the SharePoint environment

  • Microsoft SharePoint Administrator, Consultant & Trainer at Inholland University

    My activities are divided into 2 groups. First I'm a functional administrator, providing support concerning Microsoft SharePoint based applications/sites and researching better ways to deploy SharePoint area's. My other activities concerns project participation. Stated below is a list with a few projects I have participated in or which are still in development. - DigOport Development, deployment, advisor, test and managing tasks for a digital education portfolio; example: - HRM-online Development of a simple electronic learning enviroment within Sharepoint. Tasks; Developement, Testing, Training - SHAPE Advisor tasks for the researchproject concerning the future "knowledge employee" - LCMS Testing & advisor tasks for the new Learning Content Management System (= corporate document managed system) within Inholland University - Differentiation Minors Managing and development Portal - Weblog development Developer and tester for blog functionality within SharePoint 2003

  • Boardmember & Operations Manager at Café de Kooi

    implement automatic distribution beverages implement back office (management) information system Write financial & strategic report

  • Educational ICT Research & Development at INHOLLAND University

    Policy advisor for the board of directors on the implementation of ICT within higher education. Project: HRM-online Development of a simple electronic learning enviroment within Sharepoint. Tasks; Developement, Testing, Training

  • Bartender at Café de Kooi

  • European Gateway coordinator at Exel Freight Management

  • Perishables Export at Exel Freight Management

  • Logistics Assistant at Fujitsu Components Europe B.V.

    Assistant manager Negotiations logistic partners Quality advisor warehousing

  • Project manager at Rapid Circle

    Leading and/or supporting SharePoint 2010 & Office365 projects

  • SharePoint Consultant at Rapid Circle

    Specialism * Information Management * Non-code solutions * Project Management * Strategy

Mark Overdijk's Education:

  • Insights International

    PRINCE2 Foundation
  • Bureau Zuidema

    Concentration: Inzicht in Invloed
  • M&I/Partners

    Concentration: BiSL
  • Inholland Academy

    Presentation Skills
    Concentration: Advanced performance, presentations
  • Hogeschool INHOLLAND

    Concentration: Strategic Marketing, economics, commercial
  • Hogeschool van Amsterdam

    Concentration: Information Engineering

Mark Overdijk's Interests & Activities:

Golf, Sailing, Tennis, Running, SharePoint, Social Media, Strategy, Marketing,

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